Jam’s 365 Project: Day 21

I just had a “you’re in my personal area…please go away” moment.

Gave a student a pool cues and billard balls. He brings them back and attempts to put them back,

Me: I can do that.

Him: It’s ok. I got it.

Me: (already annoyed because I got my fat ass up…and this is one of the few things I do for my job)

Me: It’s ok I got it. It’s kinda my job.

Him: I work desk staff too.

Me: (dry) Oh really.

Him: Yea.

Me: Well, that’s good. I still got it.

Him: Okay. (hands me items)

Me: It’s more of a personal space thing.

Him: (walks away)

Me: …………I wonder if I was kinda a bitch. Oh welp! (continues to eats orange)

And this orange is delicious!

Back to our scheduled programing…….

my favorite thing ever today.

Also watching Empire…..so it’s basically King Lear (Jamal references it) and Macbeth (Andre’s wife is giving me real big Lady Macbeth vibes). Maybe Hamlet will come an appearance…..ohhhhhh what about Coriolanus? Yeahhhh no that might be hard

The writing leaves something to be desired but the music is good. I feel like by the 3 or 4 episode the writing should get into the groove.


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  1. rentec says:

    I guess this is when you try to take every Shakespeare drama and filter it through a Tyler Perry Lens.

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