Jam’s 365 Projet: Day 35

What the fuck!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!


Ok. So,  a few things have happened at my second late night job. Once a drunk student kept  beating on the door to his ex-girlfriend’s room although she wasn’t there (she was actually coming down the hallway with some other guy), later this drunk idiot threw a bicycle and then broke into the Dorm across the street. This was an extreme case since usually people are just breaking their toilets/showers or locking themselves out of their room.

But today…..TODAY……TODAY!!!!!!!!!!! SOMEONE BEAT IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

This action has led me to write this letter……

Dear Students,

I understand that many of you are away from your parents and that you don’t have much to do. I am all about you being free and making bad decisions, for some  f you that will be your entire college career. Go out, hook up with randos, only eat chipotle and have the worst bowel situation ever. But what you will not do….WHAT YOU WILL NOT DO!!!!!! IS CALL ME TWICE AT MY JOB WHILE YOU ARE HAVING SEX!!!!



I told some of the R.As and they said that this might be a joke being played on the front desk….which if so, good prank, assholes…good prank.


If not….


You were doing the most….THE MOST!!!!!!! Stop it because if this is happening in a dorm room with the thiniest walls, your suite mate or hall mate HATE YOU!!!! They hate you ,they hate your lover, they hate everything about ya’ll. Sooooo just try to not be such  basic bitch. Try. It will be hard…but please, do it for God, for country, for the vine.

That is all.


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