Jam’s 365 Project: Day 39 (backlog)

Today, Feb 8 is the born day of this older woman I know.

Her favorite color is Blue ( I think Aquamarine or Turquoise) and her favorite design is stripes. (I don’t know why…they aren’t that great.)

She once told me she had a dog for me when I was a teenager and when I went into my room full of joy and hope, I found a stuffed dog waiting for me on my bed. She then laughed at me. Hard.


She is always trying to dance and sing to me and I have still not gotten past my sense of “teenaged mock horror” when she bursts into my room and tries to serenade me.

tumblr_mjwumf7kID1ql5yr7o1_250Whenever I think of my future I am always scared that I am going to diappoint her, but I know deep down that she will happy if I am happy. So my main goal in life is to be happy for “a mother is only as happy as her least happy child”.

With that said, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!

Although we annoy each other (all the time, everyday), I love you a lot. Ugh. Even saying it made me feel gross. Let’s never talk about this. Ok. Good.

This song is dedicated to the Palpatine to my Darth Vader.


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