Jam’s 365 Project: Day 30

Nothing much today. Got drinks with Big L and K at Maribelle’s in Oakley. It’s one of my favorite places. All of my couple friends are just adorable. One day, probably when my tits are sagging on ground and my hips are as wide as a Kroger’s store entrace, I will find the guy that is willing to put up with me. Until then, I like hanging out with people who are  in love. It helps to melt some of the ice on my heart.


I’m sad that they are moving to the best/worst place in the United States….California.

butt hurt

But I guess this allows me to have a new place to visit in the summers! YAY!! SINGLE BITCH VACAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!! WINE COUNTRY!!!!


Wines, Bitches!! Oh and friendship…I guess.

So actually, if I think about how this benefits me (which is the only way I think), I am glad they are leaving because….California.

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