Jam’s 365 Project: Day 50

Today I walked in what felt -5 weather. The wind chill made it feel like -18….so I had blocks of ice for feet. I am not joking that when I finally got to my job this 8 am and attempted to thaw out, my joints felt like they were crumbling.

CRUMBLING!!!!! Like Queso Cheese.

Now, I’m no doctor (because I hate school and my grades are shit) but that doesn’t seem like it should happen. In my (unwarranted) scientific opinion, it definitely shouldn’t happen. Trying to thaw out had me like this…

imagesI’m usually a winter person but at this moment I’m about to join team #wintercankickrocks. No. Really. FUCK THIS WINTER!!!! I mean I haven’t had class all week (which I am eternally thankful for) but it’s the principal of the matter.

Listen Winter, I am one of the only people that enjoys you in Ohio. So could you stop trying to freeze my appendages of at the joint. It’s rude and I don’t appreciate it.

tumblr_m574y11hoE1r317bvo1_500Just saying.

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