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Here is the thing, I wasn’t going to speak on this. I know…people say that all the time about timely topics. But no really, I wasn’t going to speak on it. Not because I’m ashamed or afraid of what people will thinking of my opinion because let me tell you. If you have anyone in your family like my Grandpa Rufus, (read post here) you will know I am not one to back down. I wasn’t going to speak on it because I felt like the people that i follow on Social Media were doing a great. But then I got blindsided at work.

Me.                                                                     Taken from Reddit.

And since I was blindsided, I decided to get all up in my feelings and let y’all know where I stand.

Dear Woman,

Look. Listen…………..I’m at my job.


Living my life.

Trying to help you check out your mountain of books.

I don’t feel like hearing your views on who should or shouldn’t have won the Arthur Ashe Award. I dont feel like hearing about how you feel like Caitlyn Jenner is selfish. I don’t feel like hearing you misgender her or say she probably ran out of things to do because she transitioned later in her life. I don’t feel like hearing how you went out with someone like her and it made you feel weird. I dont feel like hearing how you the world nowadays confuses you.

I don’t.

Yes, it would have been great if Lauren Hill was given the award. Yes, Cincinnati would have been proud and beamed as her family took the award in her honor. But here is the thing. Just because Lauren Hill was courageous doesn’t mean that Caitlyn isn’t. Yes, Caitlyn didn’t raise money for cancer research. Yes, Caitlyn isn’t a Cincinnatian. But who are you to say Caitlyn isn’t courageous?

If she had come out years ago, she would have probably been a bit ostracized. And by probably, I mean she would have been. Because back when the world made since to you, POCs were colored people, women had just really started doing it for themselves, and white bread was 75 cents. Being different got you verbally abused, being gay got you killed. So hmmm, answer me this. Why would she come out to a world that hates her? Why? So that you could ridicule her and label her a freak? Because you don’t understand who she is? Fuck outta here.

Caitlyn Jenner is courageous as fuck because SHE is deciding to come out as a Transwoman and still full-heartedly support a group of people who hate her, a la The Republican Party. Yes, I don’t give a fuck about her shoes, her cars, her dresses, her Birkin (actually that I do care about), but I do care about her. And what she stands for.

She, Laverne, Janet, Chaz, they stand for all the trans-men, women, boys, and girls who are too scared to come out to their family and friends because it might mean that they never speak to them again. They stand for all of the Trans people who have been attack and/or killed because they looked different or “passed a little too well” for some Bigots liking.

They are courageous.

She is courageous.

So no. I don’t think she’s a freak. I don’t think she is selfish. I do think she is wrong for being Republican but not everyone is right all the time. In the end, they could have given out two, but like most things they went for the more recent story. I’m sorry. It sucks.

Life is about money and then you die.

Yell at ESPN but don’t belittle one woman’s plight to push up other.

It’s tacky.

Go home, read a book, and feel blessed that no one has oppressed you in your entire life.

TL:DR- Fuck you old woman. Caitlyn deserves the award.

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