Your Next Assignment Is…: Pilot Episode

My mother and I are fans of Wolfpop’s “Denzel Washington is the Greatest Actor of All Time Period with W. Kamau Bell and Kevin ‘He Gets Everything’ Avery”. (If you haven’t listened to it yet…do it.)

On the podcast, they have talk about quintessential black movies that every black person should have seen/should see. These films are on a unofficial list called “Black People Homework”. (There is a website that has the “unofficial” official list of Black People Homework, so please check that out.)

After listening to it my mom and I agreed and disagreed with some of the choices that Bell and Avery picked and we thought of some that might not have made the list. So we decided to make a podcast talking about our  own person BPH.


Jam's List
Mom's List
1. The Wiz
2. Crooklyn
3. Cabin in the Sky
4. Selma
5. Jackie Brown  Temptations
6. Dear White People/School Daze
7. Carmen Jones
8. Pariah
9. The Color Purple
10. Glory
11. Don’t Be Menace to South Central…
Cooley High
Carmen Jones
Gone are the Days
South Central
A Solider’s Story
Love Jones
Malcolm X
 The Wiz
Imitation of Life (1939 and 1959)

Our rating system is as follows,

  • Core Curriculum: Movies you NEED to see
  • Electives: Movies that you can watch that will enhance the black experience, but most people won’t call you on not seeing it.
  • Extra Curricular: Movies that can be switch out for other movies “like it” on the list.
  • Auditing: Movies that don’t really matter.



Our first movie that we will be watching is Imitation of Life, both the 1939 and the 1959 version. So you watch the movies and discuss it with us here on the blog or on our twitters.



Hope to see on the next episode.

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