First Quarter Update: Medium Sized Things Poppin’ and Nothing Stoppin


I’ve missed you.

No. Seriously. I have.

I’ve forgotten how candid and calming personal writing could be. I should do it more often. But maybe not.


Anyway, about the title of the post.

As many of you know (because most of the people looking at this are my family and friends), I have been working on my science blog.


It has become my life and my love. I have a youtube page where I thankfully don’t subject people to my singing voice. I just subject them to seeing my face talk about random science for about 10 minutes.

This endeavour has off course taken up the rest of the time that school, relationships with actual people, and my almost frightening love for sleep has allowed me to carve away. Which means in Jam speak, that I need more things to do. Because it ain’t no fun, if you don’t have a laundry list of projects to finish that aren’t necessary.


This leaves me open to say that I have announcements you to glance over and ignore the next time you see it on Facebook or Twitter.


The first one isn’t really new, it’s just offically getting started because I decided to stop being a lazy bum and get it done. So Your Next Assignment Is: A Mother and Daughter Podcast is offically underway. Just in time for Black History month to end….womp. Anyway, after being  huranged by my mother and staring at this stupid audio clips for ever!!!! I decided to actually do my job and finish it. So be on the look out for that.


Artboard 3


Next I am timid to say that I have a webite for my art. It’s  Jam Draws and no I won’t be linking it to my Facebook. Here’s why. I link to everything on my Facebook. EVERYTHING!!! And while I proud of the work I am doing, I just feel super nervous when people look at my art. Because it is so personal. Yo! Science is Awesome gives me the ability to do what I want and while I love it, it’s not as personal as me drawing, me writing a story, or me directing a short film. Anything extremely personal, I hid…which I am trying not to do with my art…although it is not where I want it to be. So if you are interested after reading this run on sentence (excuse me for that it is 5 in the morning and the night owl in me is about to shut down any minute) then bookmark the website.


Finally, because of school and stuff, Last Week in Science has been pushed back to March. I know. I know. You’ve missed my horrible pronouncation of names and my weird shitty lighting. Well never fear! March will bring me back to your Youtube feed with LWIS and more! I have a few things up my sleeve and once the weather that the all powerful groundhog promised us has appeared, you will receive them! In the meantime, check out Yo! Science is Awesome for blog posts and stuff and thangs’.

So that’s it. It looks like a lot…and it is a lot. But seeing it makes me happy and gives me motivation, so that one day, I will be the best do-er of things ever!

Or whatever.

Anyway, to recap. Go to these websites:

(No. I didn’t get a .com. I wanted to be a rebel…also they were cheaper.)

March 2016, will mark the return of Last Week in Science so mark your calendars or refresh your Facebooks.

And finally, know that I love you all. I don’t say it enough (because I have the outer appearance of a stone golem) but I wouldn’t be able to accomplish any of this without your support. Well, I mean, yes, I technically could. But the fact that I have ya’ll in my back corner (and in my face) makes attempting to be a smidge past mediocre worth it. Thank you again.



Ugh. All this niceness is making me feel things in my heart region. Put in a weird gif.


That’s good. Nice Balance.

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