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Friendship anniversary. 0

Friendship anniversary.

So it is D and I’s friendship anniversary. We’ve been friends for almost four years. (It’s about time I metaphorically put a ring on it. I dunno what that entails. Maybe a diamond encrusted...

Kitty A-Team. 1

Kitty A-Team.

D, the lady half of my friend couple, does this thing where she puts her lovers in her phone as veggies. I think she has a cabbage, an tomato, a squash, and a pea. I...

Pregnant, Married, Spinster. 0

Pregnant, Married, Spinster.

Little girl twins. (Ok I think they are both girls) Little twins. (There we go.) Basically, they are the most adorable little nuggets I’ve seen in a while. And this got me thinking…. What has...